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Welcome To Tek-Star Computer Service, Inc. – Established 1987

Experienced IT Company Servicing Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Broward & Dade Counties

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Information Technology (IT) plays a key role in addressing many of the challenges we all face daily. At Tek-Star, we enable businesses and individuals to tackle these challenges by using our Experienced Computer Solutions in an innovative and cost effective methodology.  Our Affordable Tech Solutions provide Your Business with alternative choices you can make to create a truly functional system environment while tailoring it to suit your budget.  We truly understand what it takes to be in business today.

A leader in IT Companies, Tek-Star Computers is expanding its clients capabilities with exceptional services that include a complete approach encompassing Computer Repair, Network Administration, Server Support, Web Development, Email Configuration, Hardware Sales, Wireless Configuration, Tablet and Cell Phone System Integration.

We offer our clients a range of Computer & Information-Technology related services:

  • Computer Services
    • Blue Screen Diagnosis/Recovery
    • Virus,Malware & Root Kit Removal
    • Multiple Data Recovery Options
    • Authentic Virus Protection Setup
    • Hardware Upgrade & System Transfer
    • Network & Internet Configuration
  • IT Support Services
    • Complete Network Computer & Internet Installations
    • Complete In House or Cloud Based Mail Systems
    • Website Development & Maintenance  Program
    • Total Hardware Maintenance & Upgrades
    • Network System Disaster Recovery Plans
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages
    • Remote Desktop and Email Configurations
    • Low Voltage Cat5 or Cat6 Cabling Installations
    • High Speed Raid and Standard Server Setups

Our Goals are to meet or exceed your expectations with computer support at a reasonable cost:

  • Our Goals
    • Maximize Efficiency and Performance
    • Reduce or Avoid System Down Time
    • Reduce Your Cost of Ownership
    • Provide a Friendly Comprehensive Service
    • Plan and Execute Migrations and Upgrades
    • Keep YOU Coming Back as a Satisfied Client